Sunday, 3 January 2010

A right estate

This has nothing to do with MS really...but in the best tradition of the butterfly effect there is always a connection. So last Tuesday the snow came down. It had been fine until rush hour then, when traffic was at its heaviest, the snow from a Phillip Pullman novel fell, and fell and fell. Pretty soon the traffic ground to a halt. By the time the show was due to go up there were far more people stuck on the road outside the theatre than in the auditorium.

By the time the show came down travelling by road was like ice-skating for beginners. That night we nursed our car home and parked up outside our flat as usual...But that night someone, in a car much bigger than ours slid down, across and up the road simultaneously. Playing a human version of pinball they smashed into three cars leaving ours beyond the value of a worthwhile insurance claim. Very thoughtfully they forgot to leave their details.

And that is how we found ourselves on New Year’s Eve sat in a car show room. As bad luck would have it the heating in the show room had broken down and by the time we got to test drive the new (second hand) car I was frozen through. When you have MS it seems to take ten times longer to thaw out. Hands, feet and bum were numb as hell by the time we got in the car. And then I discovered probably the best cure for MS available...forget all these infusions, injections and this stem cell research, abandon DNA manipulated hamsters...just give me a heated driver’s seat in a second hand estate car. I'm quitting the trial and taking an HND in interior car design.

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