Sunday, 24 January 2010

Media watch

It's been a busy week in the media, even by MS standards

On Monday we had new oral tablets that will do what the injections do at the moment - Fingolimod and Cladribine Tablets
Unfortunately Fox news reported a big BUT...

On Wednesday the Daily Mirror reported on a pioneering operation
"Many ­experts believe MS is caused by a faulty immune system, but a number of ­doctors now believe damage caused to the nervous system in MS is actually from poor blood flow in the chest, neck and head."

On Thursday another new tablet (Amprya, generic name dalfampridine formerly known as fampridine SR) promised to do even more:- 

On Friday, mice, obviously feeling outdone by the hamsters got involved: -
A mutation in a gene called ZFP191 causes central nervous system myelination problems in mice that are similar to what occurs in humans with multiple sclerosis, new research has found.

By the weekend there was reports that plenty of sunshine will help:-

And on Sunday we all decided to move to New Jersey :-
Trenton: Legal pot, for the sick:

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