Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cat and Hamster

It turns out that I'm not the illest member of our household. There's been a bold attempt to steal my thunder. The cat is ill...She has a thyroid problem which is ironically a potential side effect of my oriental hamster ovary injections....Maybe she's been sneaking into the fridge when we to go to bed and stealing my pre-filled syringes. Can't blame her. Liquid hamsters to go. It must be the cat equivalent of a chinese take-away on tap. She now has little blue pills to combat the thyroid problem (her drugs are more expensive than mine it seems)and everytime she takes one she spends alot of time turning round and round and round whilst lying on the floor, manically chewing her paw. I should swap meds with her...that's roughly what little blue pills did to me on Friday nights in the 90's - except the paw bit obviously.

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