Sunday, 17 January 2010


Finally got to the end of the run...opened December 7th - closed Jan 16th - slept Jan 17th.
Everything held out pretty well. Lost my left hand in the last couple of shows. Normally I have a reasonable pianist span (type that one carefully)...about a 10th, in some positions an 11th...nothing like Oscar Peterson's alleged 15th...but no piano I've ever played has complained. But anyway, there I was looking forward to the final bars of act two and getting to the altogether more pleasurable bar front of house when my left hand faltered. When this happens it feels a little bit like someone elses left hand is trying to get out from inside my left hand and they're using an ice pick to do it. Unfortunately this sudden turn of events left me groping for a minor 6th let alone a strident octave. I spent several minutes of one of the "acting scenes" (what's the point eh? Just cut to the songs) trying to coax my fingers to full stretch which the sax player mistook for obscene gesturing at the audience, but to no avail. Then I remebered. Bank C, Preset 156 - Octave Piano. One finger, two notes perfectly spaced. Ha! Technology laughing in the face of MS.

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  1. Good for you!!! I'm glad to hear that others in the MS Musician's Club are making the most of technology. I use the "auto pedal" trick when my feet fail me; the organ at the church I'm currently working at has a "play the pedal FOR you" feature, it just couples the pedal to the bottom note on the manual.

    Cheating? Quite so. Cheating MS. Every once and a while, the good guys win.