Sunday, 31 January 2010

There ain't half been some clever bastards

Like a weird sect we converged on Clinical research for a conference on MS for people with MS and their families. It was a research day about research...a re-research. Coffee, iced-buns and colour brochures. They were all there....Prof G, Neuro Bond, Miss Moneypenny, Dr. Hugh Grant, New Nurse...even the man that first thought " I know, Chinese hamsters...bound to help MS". This was like a coming together of all the great minds of Neurology, like an all star Jazz, this was bigger, this was Live Aid for Neurolgy...NeuroAid featuring the NeuroAllStars. One after the other they flaunted their brains...riff after riff of scientific nuerospeak bought the audience to their feet. "Hello Whitechappel...let me hear you say Oligodendrocytes"

Dr. Miles got the crowd laughing and roaring their approval at his "death is not a good result" routine. Nuero Bond slayed us with his dangers of PML lecture. And then the main man...Prof G, the G man, Super G, G to the max...let us know about the future of clinical trial research into MS. And then it hit me...all these clever bastards are working their collective neurons off to cure people like me. These people invent molecluar sized brains to deliver proton sized anti-inflamatory drugs to specific white blood cells to repair myelin on 180, 000 kms of my axoms. There ain't half been some lucky

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