Sunday, 20 December 2009

My (insensitive) Left Foot

Back to Clinical Research for the quaterly check up. The usual selection of hop, skip and jump. The walk up and down Whitechappel was brisk and cold but proved that I can still walk. My eyes which were 20:20 two weeks ago at the local opticians became a blurred mess for precisely the lengh of the eye examination (for reasons best known to my optic nerves). I couldn't tell the T's from the Y's and then they turned out to be 7's anyway.

The balancing test is always an each way bet with me. Balance has never been my strong point...sober, drunk, pre or post MS...I've never got the hang of it. I am quite capable of falling off the floor, so what chance do I have with eyes shut, standing on one leg with a doctor pushing me?

Down to the hitting me with a hammer (reflexes fine) and then the stabbing me with a needle..ouch-ometer is fine, yes it hurts...except...there's a pause from the left foot is "not behaving" doesn't hurt...several stabbings later and my foot is "not reacting correctly". It has less feeling than last time and is marked down on my chart. So next time I put my foot in it remember, it's insensitive.

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