Sunday, 12 April 2009


Well I don't know about Britain but Dave Careys have definitely got talent. Turns out there's loads of us. Dave Careys are playing in bands in Pennsylvania, Boston and New Jersey - New Jersey Dave has even recovered from Leukemia which makes him leader of the band in my book. And...he plays the trombone! I'm a bit rusty but my trombone is still in the loft...I could get it out again...little bit of practice....Then it turns out that another Dave Carey had a #1 HIT in 1957...Bingo! Bingo!! I'm in love...Should this be our first release? A cover of Dave Carey's Bingo! Bingo! recorded by Dave could start with a trombone duet. I need to check it out with Florida Dave first as he's been in the band from the start and really it's our band.

Meanwhile the diabetes jury is still out...the blood specimen was 'unable to be processed'. But what the hell does that mean? Unable to process because they've lost it? - because they accidentally heated it in the microwave with some tomato soup? Or did someone mix in half a pound of silver spoon granulated and I'm technically speaking dead but they haven't got the heart to tell me...but no...Don't worry they say, we'll take another sample when you're next here.

This means next week as I'm back for tests to see if my blood is ok for an increase in hamster serum injections (up to 44mgs). The injections are now leaving their familiar red marks at the injection site. On my stomach two red patches sit above my belly button like eyes and I'm definitely getting some odd looks a the gym, particularly in the sauna where the heat seems to exaggerate the red blotches. In fact if I position my hands correctly my whole stomach does a reasonable impression of Edvard Munch's 'the scream'. Good enough to go on Britain's got talent I think.

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