Sunday, 5 April 2009


Me and Dave Carey are making serious plans...mid west tour shaping up nicely...Madonna support slot unfortunately fell through...she only wants us if we can find a Dave Carey from Malawi...definitely worth a try though. Dave sent me a link to his web site . I'm going to try and sample his guitar playing and muck about with it then send it back for him to add to. Canada guitar Dave is still playing hard to get and not responding to my twitters, guess he's holding out for big dollars...he's got to learn that this band is bigger than any one Dave Carey.

In the midst of all this it's easy to forget the MS bit...or rather it's nice to forget. I've now stepped up to 22 mgs of Beta Interferon Chinese Hamster Cells. I have to say that since the hamster injections started there has been no real difference to my MS hands and feet - they still feel like they are being slowly electrocuted....BUT....and this is quite an exciting BUT...the spasms that I had begun to feel quite self conscious about have all but disappeared. No more do I twitch in the middle of an important meeting...Once, a 'super twitch' that occurred during a show made my foot leap in the air and land on my sustain pedal leaving my keys temporarily blurred. Then I couldn't get my foot off the damn pedal for a whole verse and chorus. It only left when another spasm lifted the errant foot off the pedal long enough to clear the sustained row before landing back on the pedal and starting the whole process off again...but now the worst seems done...I haven't elbowed one of the kids involuntarily for it...we're off to France for a day trip tomorrow...I wonder if I can track down a French Dave Carey...maybe some accordian would give us a bit of a cajun edge.

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