Saturday, 18 April 2009

Small world

Well it's all gone pear shaped now. Everyones Favourite Nurse is leaving the trial. I've become a bit choosy about who stabs me with a needle and EFN is pretty much top, second, third and last on my list. I guess a mutual dependency exists between you and your nurse. I depend on her and she depends on a new job in Southampton...cos she lives there...what sort of excuse is that eh? She's fed up with four hours commuting a day. Where's the dedication?

Her parting gift to me is 3 months supply of hamster serum in its max strength - 44mgs. Heavy duty. Dr. G pops in to check I can handle it. Can you handle it...can you handle the hamster? Is not what he says at all. In fact he says I doubt you'll even notice the increase. Generally speaking if 8mgs doesn't do you in then nothing will. Nice. He's amused to hear that my twitching has stopped. Nothing to do with the hamster serum he says just co-incidental remission. That evening we're at a play in London and my hand starts to co-incidentally twitch as that familiar numbness starts to make its way down my arm. A healthy dose of beer in the pub after seems to numb everything else enough to make the arm feel at home. The following day and I'm back to full limb feeling. My mind is just playing tricks on me.

Back at work and a colleague introduces me to a scrawny fifteen year old kid who is joining the Youth Theatre...Dave Carey my colleague Carey, it's a small world isn't it...what are the chances of that eh? I look this kid in the eye...d'you wanna join a band?

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