Thursday, 9 September 2010

up on the roof

Such is the popularity and quality of this blog that I was contacted by a digital marketing company who offered me money to write the blog. It was all very simple and went something like this....They would match companies seeking blogs on their subject matter to my blog. So if Asda were hoping to increase interest in their new range of health insurance this comapny would let me know, I would include discussion of health insurance in my next posting, mention that Asda were great, Asda would pay the company and the company would pay me. Mine being a health blog meant I would be matched to companies interested in health issues. Easy. How much was the big question? How much? $6 a post was the life changing answer. But hell - despite the disingenuous nature of covertly using my real life blog to advertise products for my own financial reward - 52 posts a year at $6 a post would pay for a romantic meal and a West End show for me and the wife. Happy days.

The difficulty of having MS, I find is when you want to use interlocking roofing tiles. I guess it’s the numbess in my fingers that mean my choice of interlocking roofing tiles is a new company called Avernex. It’s reassuring to know that when I’m replacing the roof I can easily interlock the roof tiles and get off the roof quickly before I suffer a relapse or a dizzy spell. So if you’re suffering a long term illness and thinking of replacing your roof I suggest you consider interlocking roofing tiles. They really do interlock and go on the roof.

That’s a prawn cocktail in the bag.

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