Sunday, 26 September 2010


It's been a long week
.... down to Whitechappel for the quarterly neuroteaser checks...Made a good start -  only got two questions wrong in the maths marathon addition competition. Put in a good showing in the short corridor sprint, but nowhere near my personal best and the 1/2K walk to Commercial Street has been replaced by an indoor version - the walking machine - not as pleasant but that's scientific progress for you. Leg tickling and pushing me over when my eyes are shut and I'm standing on one leg all went according to plan. I do love it at clinical research. It's like a surreal day out in a 60's Doctor About The House film. NeuroBond thinks my lax right leg is not a sign of exacerbations but a continuation of March's relapse which is comforting (I'm not imagining it) and annoying (6 months is surely enough lapsing). The rest of my time is spent waiting for Moneypenny to extract enough blood to satisfy the American pharmacutical company's vampirical lust.

Sitting and waiting is the perfect time to log on (it's a Wifi hospital) and catch up on e-mails. There's one from the blog marketing company who aren't making it easy for me to earn the full meal and west end show experience. The last two "job opportunities" have been for funeral services and a coffee shop in Vancouver. Even with my lateral sense of thinking and even after a bottle of red wine I can't make my blog meander through the subjects of death and coffee drinking in Canada (they also offer a selection of panini's and wraps if you're in the area) whilst living in London. But, with $12 at stake....

"I'm dying for a coffee....thought I'd try this new place in Vancouver...6,000 mile round trip taking three days but boy the coffee was worth it...on the downside all that coffee, travel and jetlag has given me hypertension...a great incentive to plan for my funeral...."

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