Wednesday, 22 September 2010


My poor old legs have had enough of injections. They've got the needle. Or more acurately too much needle. Injection fatigue. They've had enough of feeling a prick. Two red blotches have grown wider and redder. My hither too manly hairy thighs have gradually taken on the look of a well waxed male model. Only it's not the look for a middled aged balding man with a beer belly...and certainly not just one large bald circle on either thigh. The bald circles, alas, mirror my head - where I've never injected incedently - and now I'm beginning to feel a percecution that entails every limb collecting a bald patch. Three down, two to the head a limb? Anyway, Neurobond, who was on particularly good form at our recent Neuroteaser session says I should try my bum....actually he said buttock, but bum feels less I'm no longer a leg man. Me? I'm a bum man.

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