Saturday, 16 October 2010

let's fly away

I finally finished my 2010 tour schedule with a quick flight to and from Edinburgh before driving down to Wales for the week. My carbon footprint is not good this year. I've flown over 20, 000 miles in person but my blood has blown that away with its monthly journeys totalling up at over 65,000. Bloody Hell. I wonder if I can retrospectively claim airmiles for my blood.

Talking of blood the vampire lady rang me the other day to confirm our monthly blood letting. And then she casually threw in that it would be a longer appointment because the Americans wanted to "check something" so she needed to spin my blood.
Check what?
"Oh, nothing"
How are you going to check nothing?
"It's all quite routine" she said
Well I beg to differ. Routine is what happens every month. Centrafugally spinning my blood for fifteen minutes is not routine. It's occasional. It makes me dizzy at the thought of it. My blood has had quite enough adventure this year with out throwing in personalised fairground rides.

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