Monday, 20 December 2010

Writers block

I'm back. I haven't been anywhere. I merely fell off my blogging bicycle and the longer I left it the more difficult it was to get back on. But the truth is I fell off because I had nothing left to blog...better to say nothing than talk about nothing. Trial world has been a bit dull really. The highlight of November was an exploding blood spinning machine. All was ok until a sudden "BANG" and then my blood was splattered Tarantino like onto the top of the glass roof. A splurge of red. What looked very impressive at high speed spinning, like a Dali-an expression of my illness gradually became a blob as it slowed down. A bit like my attempts at a potters high speed it's a vase, then as it slows down it's a bowl, it's an ashtray, it's a shapeless lump of clay. So my blood turned out to be less like a Monet and more akin to a Pollock. That brings me nicely to my Vasectomy. You're right. Too much information. Somethings should remain unblogged...well, unblocked.

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