Friday, 25 February 2011

Goodbye Shanghai

10 injections left. Yes indeedy. As of March 19 it will no longer be thrice weekly injections of the Chinese hamsters for me. They will be replaced (blood count willing) with - a 1 yearly, 8 hours a day for 5 days only - infusion of the mysterious sounding Alemtuzamub. This is not a recently deposed dictator from the Middle East. Nor is it a modal scale much loved by free form Jazz musicians. You don't take it with cous-cous and it won't clean drains. It is however the all singing, all dancing MS drug that I've waited two years for. It's 30% more effective than the Chinese and 60% more effective than doing nothing.

I can't say I'll miss the hamsters. Two weeks ago my applicator - a Rebiject MkII (automatic) in case you're wondering - jammed at the deepest setting. I didn't notice first time on account of my right bum cheek being largely feelingless. But oh boy did my left bum know about it. Half an inch might seem trivial to some but not to my bum. Bruised and sore (I hit a capillery apparantly) I was unable to sit comfortably for days. So, no...fare-thee-well my genetically modified Chinese rodent ovaries...I'm moving onto pastures new. Bring forth the Alemtuzamub....let's get it on.

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