Sunday, 29 August 2010

no flies on me

The advantages of having MS just seem to expand all the time. Once again the hot Mediterranean country of Spain has shown the way forward. Not this time the joys of walking unhindered down red hot asphalt paths without feeling the burning sensation in my feet. (see post 18/08/2009) This was far more practical and handy. Flies. Yes, flies. It happened when we went to visit friends in Marbella. We took the coast road down from our regular haunt of Nerja down to the luxury resort arriving in time for a splendid bar-b-q and a large, thirst quenching cocktail. Bliss. "If it wasn't for those pesky flies" said everyone as they swatted the damn things every time they landed. Everyone except me. What flies? "The two walking up your right leg for a start". Sorry, my right legs an authentic registered spastic and does not recognise, feel or notice insects alighting on it. So there we have it. Spain is where MS sufferers should move to and enjoy the freedom of walking bare foot on hot roads and the pleasure of bar-b-q's without the annoyance of flies bothering you.


  1. Talk about accentuating the positive - good for you! I have to remind myself the "positive" aspects of having MS and in just about ever challenge that may befall me.

  2. Does that mean you're not ticklish any more?