Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Light and Heavy

Dizzyness has continued on and off...there is something very disconcerting about waking up dizzy...inevitably Vic Reeves gets stuck in my head which makes a change from Bruce Springsteen but when all said and done I'd probably prefer the boss with his wooohoho I'm on fire sensation to feeling like I've fallen over in a drunken heap at 8 in the morning. I checked in with the GP (it's never the same GP twice) who on reading I was on a trial for MS drugs and that I was feeling light headed asked if the marijuana was helping the MS. Chance would be a fine thing. When I explained that it was just chinese hamsters via thrice weekly injection he seemed to lose all interest...Oh well, I shall stick with Vic Reeves until the good folk at clinical research can check me out at the end of the month...

On a lighter note we spent the weekend doing exactly what I shouldn't do...overdoing it. The family all went down to Greenwich for the Jazz and Beer festival. There wasn't much jazz but the beer made up for it. In fact the Brand New Heavies headlined and the girls insited on being up the front, leaning on the barriers. Security man - who Fiona said looked like Bruce Willis - was on hand to reassure us that if the crush got too much and we started to feel light headed...well that was all I needed, being manhandled over the barriers by John McCain having fainted at a 90's revival gig. It's hard bloody work this MS.

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