Saturday, 22 May 2010


For the second week running I have nothing to say of any real importance, interest or I could make up some spurious MS related stuff or I could say nowt...having said that I did have a new and slightly odd sensation that may have been nothing to do with MS.....I have had several episodes of what I can only describe as  light headed in...oh, I think I’m going to fall over...two of these ocurred whilst lying down in bed which certainly added a perplexing edge to the falling over’s difficult even for me to fall over whilst lying down...but my usually unreliale balance is at these moments of light headedness completely and utterly’s the sort of thing I’d normally put down to vino rouge but as it occured without the use of vino rouge and continued to occur without such help, I guess it’s not wine or football related...which brings me neatly back to my opening statement that nothing of importance, interest or relevance has occured...

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