Monday, 28 June 2010

Fab 1

Sunday saw us hot footing it down to Hyde Park for 'Hard Rock Calling'...50,000 people (including me and Fi)...and some bloke called Paul McCartney. It was beyond belief...the afternoon started with Elvis Costello. Unfortunately for Elvis he had to compete with England v Germany which in the wisdom of the organisers was shown on the big screen while Elvis worked his socks off....Now I've performed to many a disinterested audience...but none have roared with excitement in the middle of one of my biggest hits because England have scored...fortunately I've never had a biggest hit and fortunately for Elvis England only scored once.

Crowded House had the unenviable task of lifting the 20, 000 crowd who were now collectively 4 - 1 down and fed up. But let’s be honest - sun, beer and always take the weather is such a winning combination that Footie suddenly seems like a pointless kick about between 22 overpaid teenagers. (I'm not bitter about England crashing out of course)
Crosby Stills and Nash looked like we expected...but bless 'em, they sounded like heaven (bearing in mind we had consumed large quantities of beer by now - all in the name of staying cool and hydrated...yeah I know)
Then the man came on. The big Macca. Well if I had a back catalogue that included most of the 60's and 70's greatest hits I'd be confident...besides I've always been a Lennon and Harrison man...I mean they never wrote the Frog song....but eat my hat, sit on my hands, consume large quantities humble pie...he rocked, he rolled, he blew 20, 000 people away. He sang with a band, he sang on his own, he delivered hit after hit after hit after....after all, he was one of the f'ing Beatles...

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