Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pear Shaped

The highly efficient service that has characterised life in Clinical Research came spectacularly off the rails today. My 15 month appointment was set for 8am (that is apparently a legitimate time in the morning). To be at Clinical Research for 8am means leaving North London at 7am which requires getting up at 6am (in my books that is not a legitimate time. It's a bastard of a time). Then it turns out that the blinded assessing doctor who is due to make me hop, skip and jump before enquiring about my sex life is stuck in Colchester. Colchester is a Roman town. It's a straight road to London and he's very fond of making me prove I can walk in a straight line. But not today he isn't. Everyone is suitably embarrassed. NeuroBond can save the day. He is my unblinded doctor for the day. Due at 9am. Then it turns out NeuroBond 'doesn't like mornings'. So he'll be late. An hour late. What's going on? No blinded doctors, no sighted doctors. Even Moneypenny is missing. New nurse is offering me coffees and teas (probably an attempt to get me to wee in the sample jar). But it won't wear with me. She takes my blood, and eventually the piss before checking my blood pressure. It is apparently 'quite high'. Deep breath. Calm.

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