Friday, 11 June 2010

Cats and Dogs

It rained cats and dogs on us when we arrived on the English Riviera, as it's called.  I'm sure when the sun shines it is like an English Riviera. When it's raining cats and dogs it just looks like the usual English seaside town...grey and dull. I should know - I was born in one. After we travelled to the English Riviera we travelled to Birmingham which is supposed to look grey and miserable but then the sun came out and cheered us up immensely. I should point out that I'm on tour again. Have mixing desk, Apple and needles - will travel. It seems odd that a year ago travelling with needles and injecting in dressing rooms and strange hotel rooms seemed worthy of concern. Perhaps it's a sign perhaps of how quickly we adapt to things. What once seemed new and intimidating is now second nature....Sling the meds in a bag and off we go. I travel alot all things considered...something which surprises people. Is that a good idea they will say....with your condition. I think it's a brilliant idea. I have two young children at home who fight like cats and dogs.

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  1. Great writing as ever. Glad I'm married to you! x