Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rash Wednesday...

...started off as flat Wednesday to be honest. Our merry band of four were a bit flaked one said much as obs were done, cannulas fitted, iv's attached and drugs pumped. Around about lunch time the pace of chat picked up...a bit of celeb gossip ( I met Posh n Becks in a furniture shop) followed by personal gossip (2 met partners through online dating...including the somewhat dubious sounding “toy-boy”...but I am the oldest so I'm probably out of touch with modern sexual trends.)
Excitement burst into life in the afternoon...North by Northwest (it's always him) spotted an air bubble in his line and rang the bell reserved for emergencies...well all hell let loose. Bells and whistles went crazy: 4 nurses, 2 neuros and a couple of crash teams appeared in about 10" flat....Jesus, what are they putting in us? Emergency over (actually the air bubble wasn't an emergency after all – thankgod we didn’t press for a cup of tea) things returned to normal until the emergence of a rash on me and N-by-Nw...quite normal said Moneypenny and pumped us full of 20 milligram’s of Piriton...don't worry 40 is an overdose so your only half way'll just feel a little sleepppppppyyyyyzzzzzzzz

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