Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the last prick

Well I had it all planned out. Friday would have been my final injection. Two years, 312 syringes, 624 paracetamols (give or take a few). I had a bottle of bubbly on ice. My speech was prepared. I had it all planned out. With this prick I thee finish. The kids were going to cheer as I fired the rebiject (Mark II) for it's final journey. One more owch accompanied by a wide eyed stare for 10 seconds and we would toast the end of hamsters in our house and more importantly in my arse/thigh/stomach.

All I had to negotiate was the final pre-Alemtuzamub appointment 1 week before giving up my rodent addiction.
Then they ruined it. Moneypenny announced, casual as you like..."well no more rebif for you".
I'm sorry I said
"You don't take the rebif this week ahead of the trial extension to Alemtuzamub" reiterated Moneypenny as though that was obvious.
But I haven't given up yet. I can't just go cold hamster like that. I might get the shakes. What about the Champaign? And my speech. I had it all planned out...
Moneypenny shrugged her shoulders.
So here I am on a Wednesday without hamsters...not a prick in sight. Oh well, this time next week I shall be full of Alemtuzamub and couscous. No more hamsters. No more chicken pate. I think I'll open the bubbly.

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