Monday, 21 March 2011

And we're off...

And we're under starters orders here at Clinical Research in this 'The Alemtuzamub 50000 Guinea Stakes'. Cockney Lady, Quietly Spoken Girl, North-by-Northwest and Davedandinfused look in great condition as they prepare for the starters signal....And we’re off...Cockney lady has made a good start... She's cannulated early, a good strong vein and she's holding her own nicely as the steroids are pumped in. Quietly Spoken Girl gets off to a solid start followed by North by North west and Davedandinfused brings up the rear. They're all up now...the steroids staying the course nicely...a lot of metallic taste being reported...but, oh dear, Quietly Spoken Girl has pulled up, she's feeling faint, turned a little pale there...the steward is in to check her...and she looking concerned but...she’s giving the all clear but not before North-by-Northwest and Davedandinfused have passed her on the inside. Great strength of character there from Quietly Spoken Girl. Now North by Northwest has stopped for a loo break...not for the first time...and now into the section of the race we’ve all been waiting for... Alemtuzamub by infusion for 4 pause for toilet breaks, athletes will take them on the course a la Paula Radcliffe...And this is a fantastic performance by Quietly Spoken Girl and Cockney Lady....barely pausing for a jacket potato...but can they keep this up...Cockney Lady is looking good for the win now...but no, Quietly Spoken Girl recovers from her early stumble to burst through on the outside....and there is the finishing line....Surprise winner Quietly Spoken Girl can barely contain her excitement...Cockney lady who led from the front has just been pipped at the post....North-by-Northwest comes in third after too many toilet breaks early on and it's a very disappointed Davedandinfused crossing the line last.
Well, plenty more action to go at this festival of Alemtuzamub in the coming days.

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