Saturday, 27 February 2010

I wear it well

Spent this week in Moscow. My favourite MS city. Freezing outside. Boiling inside. We did a workshop in a school one morning and the heating was up so high I wanted to go out and buy some shorts. Alas I was stuck in thermal long-johns and jeans ready for the snow drifts outside. My mother had sent me some thermal gloves she found in a catologue. They turned out to be fingerless wet suits for hands. The fingerless element didn’t work to be honest. Warm palms and freezing fingertips. I had to go and buy some ordinary gloves to cover the thermal fingerless ones. This resulted in really hot palms and fingertips at the perfect temperature. Maybe if I cut holes in the ordinary glove palms I could create the perfect Multiple Sclerosis twin layered all weather thermal gloves. I could market them in MS monthly. Hats are the other neccesity in Moscow. Fiona bought me a giant wooly beany, far too big and far too wooly. It was perfect.

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