Sunday, 14 February 2010

Reasons to be cheerful. Part 3

It's a year since I started writing this blog and it feels right to end the year on a positive: Part three of the advantages of MS. At lunch today I was discussing the concept that there is too much "feel good" factor being attached to major illnesses. Too many people writing too many blogs saying " was the making of me"..."if it wasn't for the illness"..."I discovered myself for the first time when I was diagnosed"...etc.

I can't pretend to have made such life affirming discoveries. When all is said and done I'd rather not be writing this blog. I can however state that MS has meant that I can walk on hot paths between water slides in Spain with no pain.(Aug 18th) It has meant that I've met some people that I never would have passed the time of day with.(Aug 25th) And finally, continuing my Ian Dury title obsession, we get to "Reasons to be cheerful. Part 3"...London Town.
My monthly trips into a central London hospital have meant that I've discovered the great city all over again...and more. Buying a dodgy jumper at Whitechapel market, a stroll down Commercial Street towards St. Pauls, over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern, strolling down the Thames past Gabriel's Wharf and on to the Southbank, taking in a play at the National. As I walk up to Waterloo I can enjoy the good humoured banter between bus drivers and cyclists.."Get out of the f***ing road you w****r". I can pass an unconscious drunk under the bridge, take the tube up to Piccadilly, discover an obscure gallery before walking up to Oxford Street for some mass Primark shopping. Experiences that remains resolutely London and have nothing to do with illness. Don't wait until you're ill. Whatever your city, whatever your life...go and grab it now.


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  2. Very good outlook and good blog. I just happened to stumble on this site as well. Stephanie

  3. I agree - I would rather not be ill! However, I think that once we are ill, it is our responsibility to take what good we can from our illness. The biggest thing I've learned is how important it is to truly enjoy and fully appreciate life when I can. I think many people who are healthy do live in a kind of dream world. I am often frustrated by how they seem to do less and accomplish less than even I do when they have so many more opportunities than I do. Well, what can one say? Such is life...