Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful (part 1)

After 18 months I have finally found the positive. And I shall accentuate the positive. In fact I shall compile a list of positive outcomes of owning MS. It may be a short list, but it will be my list...unless of course anyone else will add to it...which I would welcome. Florida Dave Carey is devising the MSers guide to Orlando and I think the top ten MS symptoms to rejoice about might prove a useful addendum...so it goes like this...

Our annual family vacation to Spain occurred last week. We always head for my late fathers house in Nerja. A beautiful area of the Costa Del Sol where the children swim with abandon and adults relax with a San Miguel and a fish kebab...Now the highlight of this week is the trip to the water park in Almunecar. A sprawling complex of thrilling water slides and thunderous tunnels using sea water and more San Miguel. The down side to this trip has always been the red asphalt path that leads from slide to slide. Cos it gets hot, I mean effing hot. The sun heats it through the day until it's the equivalent of walking on hot coals. British tourists are always spotted by their ridiculous owch–hop–skip–hop–find the shady bit of path–dance. The Spaniards of course stride slowly and lazily across the burning red path with a nonchalance that we Brits could never conjure...until now. And conjure it I did. I knew my soul had lost all feeling (what a tragic statement, I’ll start again) I knew my soles had lost all feeling some time ago when the French Neuro-tester devised the stabbing test. Am I stabbing you with the sharp end or the blint end? he would say. All was fine until he came to my feet when it became apparent that I wouldn’t notice a Scimitar slicing through my old plates of meat let alone a broken cocktail stick (it’s a high tech trial, I can tell you)...but lo! What joy my numb feet bought me in the water park in Almunecar. I strolled, I dallied, I nonchalantly hung out on the boiling red path. I smirked as even a Spaniard winced at the Mediterranean heated asphalt course. ..so next time your wondering what to do with your numb feet....get on a plane to Malaga, drive up the coast to Almunecar, visit the water park and look smugly around at those people doing the hop-owch-skip-owch-find the shady bit of path-dance.

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