Wednesday, 5 August 2009

In Pilot's hands

So, interesting things abound and while my MS sleeps, my guitar gently weeps. That's a lie. I don't play guitar but you can never tire of quoting fab four lyrics. (my brother will explain that lyric is a plural and thus the last sentence made no sense but sod it, I'm feeling reckless). What brings the recklessness on? Well the thing is that many things occur in the MS world....

First, I am issued with a passport, yes a passport, for my Chinese hamster medicine. (no photo required). I have to travel by plane a lot this Summer/Autumn - this is in itself a shame as I hate flying. No, it really scares the bejesus out of me - but Edinburgh, Spain, Edinburgh, Moscow is the quite frankly unlikely list of jet setting destinations that I will be leaving my life in the hands of pilot's for. Now without my passport people might assume I intended to attack flight attendants, inject them with rebif and delay their onset of secondary progressive MS. This could become a new strand of terrorism, maybe a medical terrorism. Doctors could board flights and give passengers Tami-flu (Not Tami-Wynette, I'd worn them of this mistake) or a heavy dose of 'night-nurse'(TM). I realise this could be subject to abuse...

Now along side this, is a warning, about flu. The hamsters are it seems, an immune suppressant. Now when your immune system is suppressed you are more likely to get flu...swine, man, common, matters not which one...but, here's the cunning plan (bear with me). The side effect of the hamster injections is flu like symptoms...which we combat with paracetamol and now, all you users of immune suppressants...are your flu like symptoms a side effect of your immune suppressant or merely your immune suppressant working effectively? I leave it in your hands, which, I should remind you, the latest government guidelines suggest should be washed.

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