Thursday, 18 June 2009

Rock n Roll Saved my life

So Shimon, my great friend, colleague and drummer is the only person I know that’s iller than me. He dominates the illness competition. If we were top trump cards he’d win hands down. He tops my MS with CF. He beats my cholesterol with diabetes. Between us we’re injecting 10 times a week which probably makes our studio the most drug abusive recording facility since the Grateful Dead made an album in 1969.

Well Shimon being Shimon with CF has decided to raise some money for MS which means he’s either a top mate or dyslexic. I suspect it’s the latter and at some point he’s gonna be really pissed off that I’m cured and he’s not.

Even better is that in order to raise money for me he’s going to become a world record holder. In Birmingham on July 13th in aid of the MS society, 600 drummers will beat their drums simultaneously and create a record for the most drummers ever to play together . Birmingham Royal hospital will then treat 600 deaf drummers simultaneously and create another record. If you’d like to make my mate deaf please donate generously. Dollars, Pounds, Euros…all welcome.

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