Friday, 1 May 2009

All shook up

Sometimes it feels like one illness leads to another and leads to more and more problems. MS? Of course Sir. and would you like diabetes with that? ...but...and whisper it quietly, mumble it discreetly - the week started well. Nothing to report. I was ok. No numbness. No irritating music in my head. No pliers attached to my feet.

Then out of nowhere last night was really bad. I did my injection as usual, went to bed, land of nod. Then about 1.30 I woke up. Hot. Burning. Tremors, shaking, pins and needles, uncontrollable. Fi began to worry. The plier man reappeared, this time with four friends and applied pressure simultaneously to all my toes. Involuntary shaking became so bad Fi wanted to cover me in day glow paint, stand me in the corner and call me "feature lighting". Have you had your paracetamol? She said. Paracetamol? I said. Are you joking? Paracetamol can't help me now! I need urgent care. No she said. You forgot to take paracetamol with your injection.. She was right. She normally is. A couple of paracetamol later (with ibuprofen thrown in for good measure) and everything calms down. I feel exhausted the next day but symptoms have disappeared.

I need to warn Florida Dave Carey about this though. Florida Dave is about to become the second Dave Carey to take Rebif Interferon beta 1a. I wouldn't mind betting we're the most popular name on Rebif's books...hey...we could get sponsored by them. Now this could work....MS vs Dave Carey (feat. Interferon Beta 1a). What's more I've found a New York Dave Carey that's a video maker. We could become an internet art collective. We could be called the Virtually Dave Carey Collective. VDcc for trendy short. No, hang on, sounds like we've all got Gonorrhea. That's an illness too far. We'll stick as a duet.

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