Sunday, 24 May 2009

4' 33"

My brother, who insists he is a unique Paul Carey and so won't be joining a collective of like named international artists, was surprised to hear I was feeling fine. Your blog sounds a bit, well, like you're ill quite frankly. Which I am of course...but just not all the time...and so here, for the benefit of all I shall refute and put perspective on all things ill. It's not that I make the blog up, but if nothing happens I don't report it. And there in lies the seems like I'm only ever ill.

The problem when writing a blog of course is when nothing happens. If one is writing a blog about being ill and a whole week goes by without feeling ill then the blog gets a bit dull. It is of little interest for instance that on Monday I felt not even a twinge of MS. Of passing news-worthiness is that I forgot to do my injection on Monday evening. Of less interesting news is that EFN (who hasn't left for Southampton yet) said it didn't matter. Just do it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday then go back to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Where's the sensation in that? Things got worse on Tuesday when after a long and suspenseful wait I discovered I didn't have diabetes. Later I went to Birmingham where there was a fridge to keep the hamsters in. I remembered to inject. I didn't react. There was great excitment on Thursday when I crushed my finger whilst moving a mixing desk. It wasn't broken, but quite badly bruised...well it's gone a bit red.

My hands have stayed stubbornly pain free. There are no pliers attatched to my toes. The only song to drive my mind insane is James Brown's I feel Good. Unless you count Fridays hangover, which was entirely self inflicted by too much red wine at an evening reception featuring free red wine, I have to report that I felt and feel...well...not at all ill....A.O.K...Tip-top. I'm sorry. I look forward to boring you with more tales of feeling well next week.

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