Sunday, 21 March 2010

The art of Poo

It's a big week in MS world. The trial has been running for a whole year so I'm back to Whitechapel for an infusion top up and some comedy tests and then on Sunday I take the plunge and fly to Malawi via most of Africa it seems (it's a budget flight so I have three stop overs). Regular readers will know of my fear of flying so four flights to and four flights back should pretty much cure me of that. A sort of cold turkey for aerophobics (I looked it up on Wikipedia)

First things first though, I have three mornings of cannulas being inserted and then a couple of hours of steroids and anti-histamines flushed through me. The people on the new drug need this to counteract the side effects of the new drug. I have to have it to prove that the people on the new drugs haven't been made better by the drugs administered to counteract the side effects of the new drug which I haven't been given. I've got the old drugs. They don't need extra drugs to counteract side effects. But I get the extras anyway. In trial world we call that pulling the short cannula. Although whichever cannula you pull it seems far too long to go in a vein.
It seemed sensible to spend the day before this taking in some art and courtesy of arty bruv Paul we whipped round the Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain. This was the perfect bridge between a trial for an illness that make you feel shit and travelling to Africa; modern art with elephant crap stuck to it. As elephant poo art goes it’s definitely the best I’ve seen.
See you in Malawi.

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