Thursday, 2 July 2009

That was the year that was

And so inexorably the cogs of time have turned until here I am celebrating my anniversary. Not a birthday, not a wedding day, not a 'where were you when Jacko/Diana/Lennon/Elvis died?' (delete as appropriate). But it is a year since my Neurologist, having shown me a selection of lesions in the brain on my MRI scan spoke the immortal words...I think you'd better sit down. I must say that having seen these tiny patches of white in my brain that turned out not to be some careless tippex marks from an over enthusiastic undergraduate doctor, the words It's probably Multiple Sclerosis seemed something of a it's not cancer of the brain? No, it was definitely Multiple Sclerosis. Excellent.

On the way home from hospital the words Multiple Sclerosis seemed to gradually get worse. MS is one of those big illness's that you've heard about since childhood. Of course Neuro had given us the new 21st Century medical mantra...don't google it...which we promptly did...8, 360, 000 results in less than half a second. Multiple Sclerosis is a proper, serious disease. This calls for a cup of tea.

A year later and life has changed beyond all recognition....hang on, no it hasn't. I have injections every other day, but I still go to work every day. I have various pains, aches and numb spots and occasionally I'd rather sit than walk ...but I can still go to the gym. I have some days when I really can't get out of bed but a couple of years ago I had hang-overs that had the same effect. Some times I can't remember things I knew very well a while ago but I'm assured by everyone that my memory has been rubbish since anyone can remember. There are the spasms of course which are generally ignored at home and a bit embarrassing in the pub...but hell, whats a twitch between friends.

Enough of this sitting down, I going to stand up while I can.

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  1. You're inspiration, Dave Carey! I'm glad to know you. Happy anniversary, my friend.

    Take care,

    American Dave Carey