Sunday, 29 November 2009

All the World's a Stage

Last week was an appointment with the new vampire but at the last minute a "must do" meeting at the Hackney Empire came in.  Never mind said Ms. Dracula, I'm in Dalston for an earlier appointment, I'll meet you at the Empire. I should have had my suspiciouns. The new phlebo was called Sally Diamond. How showbiz can you get? I expected tassles instead of a fob watch.

The only spare room at the Empire was the studio theatre. The only usable seats were on the stage as part of the set. In the room above the studio theatre was the band room and a bad ass band for the Hackney Christmas show was rehearsing. Damn they were funky. And so me and Mrs. Diamond sat, positioned infront of an imaginary audience drawing blood and checking pressure. And then the band joined in.
There'll be a sharp prick said nurse as she puntured my arm.
Can you feel it? played the band upstairs.Can you feel it?
Then she asked about the injections of rebif chinese hamsters.
The band cracked straight into Level 42's seminal hit Chinese Way complete with unfeasable Mark King baseline. As Ms. Diamond dropped a pippets worth of my blood onto a slide I was convinced she was singing along. And then she definitely shuffled her feet choreographocally as she returned with a theomometer.
Hot in the City, hot in the city tonight filtered down from the room upstairs.
If all the world is a stage then it's a full blooded musical. Directed by David Lynch.

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