Monday, 16 February 2009

It's enough to make you screen

So screening is complete, well almost. I spent the day at the Clinical Trial Centre meeting the doctors and nurses who will oversee the trial should I qualify, and that still remains an if. I met with Dr. G who Fiona described as looking Irish, having an Italian name and was actually from South Africa. This whole trial thing is his idea. He is the professor behind the whole concept and is obviously quite bright. Anyway he was able to tell me I had the right type of MS for the right amount of time. So far so good.

Dr. M. was a completely different kettle of fish. He looked like Hugh Grant and sounded like that policeman with the terrible French accent off Allo Allo. He was responsible for assessing my fitness (can you wak for 'alf an 'our) and disability level (please wak across ze floor on your eels). He also had the terrible 'metal arithomatic' CD which required me to add up two numbers whilst listening to a third, which I then had to add to the last number in the sequence whilst listening to 'anzuzer nunzer'. Then he uttered the words that you really don't want to hear from a French Hugh Grant looky-likey of a Monday, you and your, er, wife...are you know what I'm saying...It's heads up as to whether this sounded better in an Inspector Clouseau voice or an Eric Idle nudge nudge manor but it was definitely a relief to change subject. The whole funfilled hour was topped off with a speed walk down the corridor, much healthier and much more fun...him with his stop watch, and me on my eels. I passed with flying colours which i think means I'm fit enough to be ill.

Finally was the nurse who took enough blood for several patients. We struck up conversation as she removed the blood...where do you live, what do you do...Chickenshed? My cousins go there. They're in the Youth Theatre.

So the final results are...well there aren't any yet, not until my blood gets flown half way round the world to be tested in LA (and no I can't go with my blood) but I do have a timetable of events at least.....

Provided my blood meets with American approval I will be randomised to begin 'infusion' on the 16th March

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