Thursday 14 April 2011

The Geneva Convention

Well two weeks after the great infusion things are going well...actually things are going brilliantly. Unlike King Canute the waves of MS have retreated in front of the very presence of King Alemtuzamub. Sat invincibly on his throne, the great Alem Tu Zamub (as he surely would have been called in Ancient Egyptian times) has sent the numbness and the pineth of needleth running...ha, running I tell you.

The great vampire of Hertfordshire came and span my blood to check all was well. She even showed me how, like a medieval alchemist she could turn my blood into a clot, some gel and some liquid serum...then came the news...the serum doesn't go to LA with the blood, goes to, never been to Switzerland, sure I've eaten Toblerone but now I'm bloody well in Geneva.

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  1. Very wittily put, but we're due another update!